Our Team

Laurent Lakatos
In 1992, Laurent begins his carreer as a real estate agent in Paris. Three years later he joins a solicitor firm to fulfil his legal knowledge. 2000 brings him new challenges, he moves to London and starts a new carrear as the director of sales and lettings in a South Kensington Agency.

Once getting familiar with the London Property Market, he sets up his own Real Estate Agency in Notting Hill.
He's quickly asked by several investors, to creat an investment properties portfolio, for Central and West London. That pushes him to creates a Real Estate 'professional only' database. His programs are used as reference on the local market.

Louise Baladi
Within the decade she spent in London, Louise as worked for 5 years for a well established Real Estate Agency in Notting Hill and Kensington. She develops a passion, great knowledge, strong network and a vision for pinpointing out properties with a potential either for turning them in a quality home or sound investment with a high return.

In 2010 she meets Laurent with whom she feels to join forces under HomeLocate. That will result of a complementarity between intuitiveness and technical & economical views, and also a precise insight on the market, attention to details and integrity.